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It is important but extremely difficult for modern consumers to trust the source of their food. To know at all stages and continuously, their evolution until consumption. The aim of modern producers is to eliminate consumer fear. The goal is one and it is a personal bet for me. To enable consumers in modern times to taste and put authentic food with completely natural ways of cultivation into their bodies. To eliminate the fear of origin-production of products, ensuring their authenticity.
The company SEVI EXCEPTIONAL BOTANIC started in October 2016 when the first oregano(Oreganum vulgare ssp. Hirtum), sage (Salvia officinalis L.) and rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis L. ) plants were established. just outside Drama in Ano Pyxari in a cluster of settlements, in the village of Tichos. In October of the following year, new oregano, sage and mountain tea plants were established. Sideritis scardica. A total of 13 hectares of aromatic plants are cultivated.

Tichos Village

Village Tichos is a semi-mountainous settlement, at an altitude of about 370 meters, located in the eastern part of the prefecture of Drama, 20 kilometers from the city of Drama and administratively belongs to the municipality of Paranesti. During the 19th century the village was in the territory of the Ottoman Empire. After the end of the Balkan wars, the village was included in the territory of Greece and with the signing of the Treaty of Lausanne, Greeks from Pontus settled in the village. Tobacco cultivation was the driving force for the region.
The excellent soil conditions and ideal climate favored the development of excellent tobacco varieties “Basma” with its thin leaf and intoxicating aroma. For decades, almost all the families in the region have cultivated thousands of acres of tobacco, producing large quantities, importing valuable foreign currency into the country and contributing to the development of the region.
After the Second World War, tobacco continued to almost monopolize the production activity, but was hit hard by the decline in demand on foreign markets and the abandonment of this crop by the inhabitants, leading them to emigrate to Germany. Tobacco cultivation was gradually abandoned and at the same time the area began to become deserted.
However, the soil and climatic conditions of the area have not changed, and remain the ideal environment for the cultivation of aromatic and medicinal plants, not so much for the large quantity that they will yield but for their excellent and authentic quality. That is why we believe that this project will be an effort, even a small one, to reverse the image of desolation and abandonment of the area and at the same time to mobilize others to create similar activities.
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Antoniadis George

Dreams, studies, research, work and, above all, will. Five powerful words that led us to the production of SEVI Exceptional Botanic which encloses some of the herbal gifts of Greek nature.
I am Antoniadis Giorgos I was born in the city of Drama where I grew up until my studies at the Faculty of Agriculture of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. I may not have grown up in the village but the very frequent visits to my grandparents’ house and the carefree holidays of my childhood in the village made me love this place and consider it my home today.
From young children we dream of what we will be when we grow up, the original dream of being a footballer has been lost over the years and turned into a dream of being an agronomist, but still life itself creates new dreams. After various professional pursuits, the dream of working the land, utilizing the land of the grandparents, appeared timidly at first.
The cultivation of oregano, sage, mountain tea and rosemary may not have the “prestige” of a profession, requiring more physical strength, but they give me a mental balance and a joy for life. For 3 years I have been growing the above species in a natural way, without the use of fertilizers and pesticides. Already from April 2020 the crops were integrated into organic farming.
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