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Mountain Tea

Greek mountain tea or iron ore in ancient times was believed to have the ability to heal serious wounds.

Mountain Tea

The Greek mountain tea, as regards its systematic classification belongs to the genus Sideritis, in the family Lamiaceae. In ancient times the name “siderite” referred to various plants which were believed to have the ability to heal serious wounds from iron objects such as arrows, swords. The name of the plant genus (siderite) was first mentioned by Dioscorides. The genus Sideritis includes about 140 known species. Ten of these are annual, the rest are perennial.
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The plant is aromatic and medicinal. The flowering shoots of the plant are used as a decoction and are considered tonic for the human body. Mountain tea is one of the most popular teas. It has anti-inflammatory, bacteriostatic and antioxidant action and is considered digestive, heating, sweating, tonic, detoxifying, anti-irritant, anti-wind due to its iron content, while it has particular action in favour of the respiratory system. The drink is very tasty and aromatic and can be consumed hot or cold with sugar, honey or even plain.
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